Offline Forms? No Problem

AsdeqForms is a fully mobile and web based solution that removes manual paper based processes.  Organizations can now better capture data in the field and ensure that this information is uploaded directly into existing backend business systems.  This integrated approach leads to better information flow, real-time decision making, reduced error rates and lower administrative overheads.

Make your own forms, fast

AsdeqForms allows an organization to design, develop, maintain and deploy sophisticated Smart Forms to their mobile workforce. Smart Forms are designed and maintained using the AsdeqForms Editor which is a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) design tool delivered via the browser.

Video Example

Here’s a video example of using the forms editor tool in a business that needs to collect data about a damaged shipping container event at their facility.

A control for every occasion

Smart Form designers drag and drop controls onto one or more form pages in the editor.  Available controls include:

  • Textbox and Multiline Textbox
  • Dropdown and MultiSelect Controls
  • Checkboxes
  • Master Detail Controls
  • Slider Controls
  • Date and Time Controls
  • Segment Controls
  • Image Picker and Camera Controls
  • Signature Control
  • Map and Geo location Controls
  • Barcode Control
  • Risk Matrix Control

Completely Programmable

AsdeqForms provides designers who have little to no programming experience with powerful tools to dynamically control the behavior of their Smart Forms.  For the more experienced, the AsdeqForms Editor provides access to a full JavaScript engine and underlying Smart Forms object model, with the ability to control all aspects of a Smart Form at runtime.

Easy to Use

AsdeqForms is a highly powerful and intuitive application designed to be delivered in a zero training environment.  The interface is exceptionally easy to navigate and has been built with the engagement of a mobile workforce in mind.


Taking the headaches out of business forms


Key to the capability of AsdeqForms is its ability to easily integrate with 3rd party backend business systems.  This allows Smart Form data entered by a worker in the field to automatically flow back into an organization’s existing infrastructure.  Smart Form data is rendered in a machine readable format (JSON or XML) and submitted to the AsdeqServer.  Once arriving at the AsdeqServer form data can be exported as a document to one of several integrated document repositories, pushed out to a 3rd party solution via OData, or consumed by a external process (such as an Enterprise Service Bus, 3rd party app or gateway) via a well defined REST interface.

In addition the AsdeqServer has the capacity to render a Smart Form into a PDF or HTML document, which can subsequently be automatically pushed into a 3rd party document repository, or retrieved via the REST interface.

How can AsdeqForms work in your enterprise IT environment?  Find out in this short video.

Online and Offline Enabled

AsdeqForms is fully offline enabled solution, allowing for employes working in some of the most challenging environments to continue to be fully productive, even without direct access to the Internet.  Completed forms are queued for submission and transferred to the AsdeqServer when a network connection is next available.

When in an online mode, Smart Forms have the ability to retrieve reference data (such as a list of part numbers, employee names, locations or addresses), from live sites for the purpose of pre-populating controls or control validation.

When offline Smart Forms that require access to reference data have the capability to seamlessly synchronize multiple data files, typically in CSV file format, to the mobile device when the Smart Form package is next updated.

Platform Independent

The AsdeqForms application is delivered as a native mobile app across all major mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, Android Tablet and the Web.  This approach allows a Smart Form designer to build a form once, and deploy that form to multiple devices.  The app allows a user to select and complete a relevant Smart Form, with draft versions saved until the user makes the decision to submit the completed form.


AsdeqForm Workflows can be used to gather data from your team and automate approvals. A graphical user interface allows form designers to build form easily and approvers can be assigned to users or specific groups of users. The workflows can be accessed by users on their computers, tablets or phones.
Multistep workflows can be constructed with steps optionally scripted to provide automated decision making. Reviewers receive an email or on device notification alerting them that a form has been submitted for approval allowing the reviewer to approve, reject, or request changes.

Approval Workflow

The Approval Workflow allows users to submit forms for review.  Forms can then be Approved, Rejected, or sent back to the user for changes

Multistep Approval Workflow
Multiple approval steps can be added to each workflow. As each step is approved the workflow will move on to the next approval. Scripted decision pointes can be inserted to automate some workflow decisions.

Unparalleled Security

  • No separate security configurations are required – AsdeqForms automatically uses AD/LDAP permissions
  • Secure network connections for data transfer, with customized encrypted data storage on all devices
  • Comprehensive audit logging provides visibility on user activity
  • Remotely wipe all form data from any mobile device in an instant, protecting your data and IP even when a device is lost




  1. Complete forms online or offline
    Users can complete forms even when they are disconnected from a network. Completed forms are automatically submitted when a network is next available.
  2. Simple to Customize
    A web-based, graphical designer makes it possible to implement forms in minutes. Just drag, drop, repeat!
  3. Easy to Deploy
    Simply specify the Active Directory users or groups for a form. The AsdeqForms app will automatically download forms to their devices.
  4. Platform Independent
    Develop forms once and deploy to all platforms in your environment, no more need for custom apps.
  5. User-Friendly Forms
    Form elements are specially designed for ease-of-use on mobile devices with minimal training. Forms can be easily filled-in in any work environment.
  1. Workflow
    Model and automate your existing internal business processes with AsdeqForms Workflow Designer.
  2. Leverage device features
    Handy form elements are available to be included in forms that can utilise device features such as cameras, signature fields and GPS location services.
  3. Get up and running quickly
    Easy set-up, rapid deployment and minimal end user training – your organisation becomes more productive quickly.
  4. Integrate with existing systems
    Easily integrated with a host of backend business systems including Document Repositories, Databases, CRM and ERP solutions.
  5. Integrate with reporting tools
    Easily integrates with your existing reporting tools for live views on data gathered in the field.