Mobilise your workforce and increase productivity

AsdeqDocs is a secure, fully integrated enterprise solution that allows mobile users the ability to access the documents and files they need, on any device, no matter where they are.  AsdeqDocs interfaces directly with your organization’s existing file and document stores to provide a seamless, integrated and secure end user experience.

Secure mobile document management

AsdeqDocs is an enterprise-ready business solution that solves the problem of secure mobile document management. Integrating directly with the corporate systems you currently use to store your documents, AsdeqDocs provides access to whatever you need, whenever and wherever you need it, regardless of whether you are online or offline.  All this is achieved with unparalleled security, ensuring your information is protected at all times, even if your mobile device is lost.


With ease, security & accuracy

The mobile office in your hands

AsdeqDocs provides complete mobility, without changing the way you or your employees work. Users have access to the full range of tools normally only seen in desktop applications – and this means increased productivity with ease.

  • Browse, search, organise, edit and annotate documents on the go
  • Fast secure access to all documents including Office, PDF, video and audio files
  • Rapidly find files by searching for keywords or phrases
  • Always have the latest version of all your documents
  • Fully functional online and offline

With AsdeqDocs you don’t need to change the way you manage or store your documents to benefit from the productivity gains that mobility brings.

AsdeqDocs provides a direct channel to your existing environment, seamlessly integrating with 17+ document repositories including Sharepoint, Outlook and TRIM. Information is synchronized securely across all tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Unparalleled Security

  • No separate security configurations are required – AsdeqDocs automatically uses both AD/LDAP and repository permissions
  • Secure network connections for data transfer, with customized encrypted data storage on all devices
  • Enterprise level control over user access to read, transfer, edit, share, print or email documents
  • Comprehensive audit logging provides visibility on user activity
  • Remotely wipe all documents from any mobile device in an instant, protecting your data and IP even when a device is lost




  1. Access your documents when and where you need
    Complete mobility, regardless of where you’re working or where your documents are stored.
  2. A common interface across all devices
    Smartphones, tablets and laptops – a powerful, intuitive application working consistently across Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.
  3. Security & privacy
    Military grade security safeguards your data. Control access, assign permissions and track usage.
  4. Work online and offline
    Full access and productivity, online and offline. Files update automatically when you log on.
  5. Searchability – inhouse and in the cloud
    Powerful search function scans across thousands of documents, networks and repositories. Locate the files you need in seconds.
  1. Read, annotate and edit
    Built-in tools for marking up and editing with ease, on all devices.
  2. Integrate with existing document repositories
    Native integration with 17+ existing repositories provides mobility without changing how you work.
  3. Get up and running quickly
    Easy set-up, rapid deployment and minimal end user training – your organization becomes more productive quickly.
  4. Accurately displays Office documents
    High quality mode means Office documents look the same on your mobile device as your desktop.
  5. Multiple industries
    Government, utilities, finance, resourcing and any organization where staff need secure, instant access to their documents.

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